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116 Broadway Street Paducah, KY 







Service Hours:

Tuesday through Sunday: 9a to 9p

About Confleur

Located at the confluence of two rivers, in the historic downtown of Paducah, KY at the cornerstone of Riverplace, along maiden alley.

Con·fleur /ˈkän-fleur/
Inspired by the word Confluence, meaning the junction of two rivers, the latin word Confluere meaning to “flow together” and the french word for flower, “fleur”, Confleur joins the worlds of brunch and confections. Offering gourmet ice cream and hand crafted pastries along with Brunch with an European twist at the confluence of the Tennessee and Ohio Rivers.

Made in House Ice Cream

Our ice creams are made by the same hands and machine as they have been for the last 15 years. Each of our flavors of ice cream continue to be made on site. We've elevated the ingredients and are developing our own signature flavors using 100% local Kentucky Dairy, always all-natural, usually seasonal and many handcrafted ingredients.

Brunching at Confleur joins the southern staple of biscuits with European inspired toppings as well as our take on avocado toast and yogurt parfait.  

Served Wednesdays through Sundays

9 am to 1pm

Confleur Brunch

Raves + Reviews


Jennifer Dowdy

I really enjoyed the ice cream as it wasn't hard, and it was very much like a chocolate Oreo which is what I want in a cookies and cream ice cream.


Ashlee Sheets

"Each item was hand crafted with detail, and taste in mind. I recommend biscuits #1-6." 


Laura Smith

"When something is made with care using quality ingredients, it shows. Peter, Amber, and their entire staff are friendly and knowledgeable. The shop is super cute and the products are delicious. My husband is still talking about the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich he ate two weeks ago. Everything I've ordered so far has been great!"